How to Choose Travel Clothing?

For people who have rarely travelled, they may often ask two questions: what should I wear and how many clothes should I bring? Packing clothes for a long trip may seem overwhelming at first but packing smart can save a lot of troubles while you are traveling. When packing your luggage, it is best to pack a few lightweight clothing that work for every kind of adventure, especially for traveling to another country. Next is a guide on how to pack and shop that may help you.

The key to smart packing is to find something you can wear virtually anywhere at any time of day. Choose fabrics that are breathable, moisture wicking and easy to care. This is a wise choice when traveling. In addition, the color of the clothing is one of the most important things that we need to consider when choosing travel clothes. To ensure the smoothness and satisfactory of our journey, it’s best to opt for neutral colors like brown, black and khaki, especially for pants, shorts and skirts. These colors of clothes go well with everything, so you can pack less.

Choose clothes that are wrinkle-resistant. This does not mean wrinkle-free, but they should at least wrinkles less than other clothes. Avoid tight clothes or very short shorts and skirts. In some cultures or occasions, such clothing may not be acceptable. On top of that, all your clothes can block UV rays out of your skin to some extent, but sun-protective clothing features UV protection factor (UPF) can offer you the better protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Clothing with a UPF of 50 can block 98 percent of ultraviolet rays. Sun-protective clothes range from 15 to 50+ and this protection never need to reapply like sunscreen.

The fabric of sun-protective clothing should breathe well and wick moisture away from your skin and keep your skin dry. Cotton is often used in casual wear while it is less suited for traveling than other fabrics, such as nylon and polyester. They are breathable and lightweight as well as wick away moisture. Cotton is soft and durable that is widely used for casual clothes. No matter where you are going, you should pack some essential garments. A waterproof jacket can help keep you warm on colder days and it is the best choice for a range of activities, like camping, traveling, hiking and more. Waterproof jacket can protect you from the rain and bugs. If you plan to go to the beach or a warm place, you may need shorts, skirts and dresses. But remember to bring a long-sleeve shirt and long pants that are used to protect your skin from sun, bugs and rain.

Except for these clothes, you might need to wear a hat. In fact, always bring a hat. Hats include rain hats, sun hats and casual hats. Most people would like to bring a sun hat, because they want the hat to protect their face and neck from sunburn while walking under the sun. A bucket hat is a nice option for most people, because it is a casual hat and it also can provide you much protection from the sun and the rain.

Ultimate Guide for Sun Safety of Kids

Do you know that skin cancer is on the rise? As parents, I believe you are also worried about the sun safety for your kids. You may want to keep your kids indoors but they are not willing to do that. They want to go out and play. While you know they will be exposed to the sun and get sunburned. Therefore, parents must protect their children and provide them with as many effective sun-protective measures as possible so that they can enjoy their fun time. In this guide, I’ll share some good ideas to help you better protect your skin and that of your kids. 

More worryingly, many young people are suffering from melanoma. It has become one of the most common cancers among people under 30, especially young women. Unlike many other cancers that have been decreasing or leveling off in recent years, melanoma has risen for the past few decades. All the sun’s rays you’re exposed to in your lifetime will increase your risk of developing melanoma. According to a research, 75 percent of children do not use sunscreen, and only 25 percent use it regularly. As parents, we must apply the sunscreen as a daily routine, whether for yourself or your children.

It is better not to apply sunscreen for babies under six months old. Because their skin is so delicate that the chemicals may do harm to their skin. So you should keep them stay in the room as much as possible. Lifetime exposure to the sun is what most matters, keeping your child’s skin undamaged as long as you can do is the best idea. That means you need to give your babies more care during the summer when kids tend to spend more time outside.

Many people think sunscreen is foolproof, but it only blocks a certain amount of the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, it won’t work if you don’t often reapply it. Some of people may not like to put so many chemicals on your body, sun-protective clothing is another way to block harmful rays, such as sun-protective clothing, as well as sun-protective hats. Sun-protective clothing with UPF rating would be better for blocking UV rays. The UPF rating stands for UV Protection Factor. While not all clothes have a UPF rating, you can find special collections that have that feature. For best protection, you should choose fabrics with a UPF of at least 40.

In addition to sun-protective clothing, you also need to let them wear a sun hat to protect their face and ears. Choose a hat with a wide brim to give shade to the neck. Baseball caps are better for kids than nothing, while they don’t give them shade to the face, ears and neck. Therefore, opt for a hat with a chin strap or string, such as a bucket hat, which is made of skin-friendly material. It is comfortable for your kids to wear and also protects your child from the sun. Kids bucket hat has a lot of different designs, which contains solid-colored design, flower printing design, and cartoon design. These are the most common styles for kids. Let your child choose the one they like and they can wear during a long time.  

Great Sun Hats

Sun hat or UV protective hat is your best chance to get protection from the sun and UV radiation. These sun hats are also known as UV protective hats which not only protect your face, but also your head and neck. When you practice sun safety, you will protect your scalp, ears, face and neck from developing skin cancer. When you go outside, your head and neck are exposed to the damaging UV rays.

A regular hat cannot protect you. For example, a regular baseball cap cannot provide a complete protection for your face and head. A loosely woven straw hat won’t protect you. You need to wear a wide-brimmed sun hat (at least 4 inches), which is rated UPF 50+ for maximum UV protection. You’d better choose a sun hat that is water-repellent. In general, the level of sun protection of the fabric is determined by the UPF number. UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor. The higher the UPF rating, the more UV protection you will get. The hat with UPF rating of 50+ can block 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. In addition, waterproof UV protective hats are preferred for all kinds of weather.

In order to choose the best sun-protective hat, you have to consider some essential factors. The following are some essential points that you should think about when you choose a sun hat.

Firstly, you may want a hat with waterproof function, and the fabric is lightweight. A waterproof sun hat is useful when it is rainy. The water-repellent hat can dry quickly even if it falls into the water, especially for hiking and camping. The sun hat is made up of lightweight material, such as nylon and polyester that can be packed and stuffed into your pocket or your luggage.

Secondly, most sun hats have built-in vents for breathe. Some hats with mesh panels would allow air pass through the fabric to keep your head cool. Hats are made of breathable fabrics would be better for protection. For example, some bucket hats are constructed of polyester or cotton which have very good breathability, so that you will feel comfortable.

Thirdly, as we all know, the wider the brim, the more protection it offers. That is to say, a hat with a wide brim will cover more area of the skin. Wide-brimmed straw hats are often worn in the summer. Bucket hats with floppy brims that can be flipped up or down. Through this, you can change the styles.

Fourthly, the color is also an important factor which affects the level of sun protection that you can get. The dark color can absorb the sun’s rays while light color will reflect the sun’s rays. Both of these two kinds of colors will take effect on sun protection. But the dark color would be better.

Last but not least, a sun hat features an elastic chin strap with cord or headband is better than a normal baseball cap. With this adjustable chin strap, you can easily adjust it to fit your head. If is not used, you can remove it at any time.   

Hats for Summer Vacation

Have you make some big plans for your summer vacation? I believe some of you may have planned to go out for having fun and spending a happy summer vacation. You may want to go hiking, camping, fishing or to the beach. Whatever you want to do, you should make sure that you will get the best protection from the sun. In addition to wearing sun-protective clothing and applying sunscreen, you can use a hat to protect you from the sun and its harmful rays. While you are playing outdoors, you have to expose to the sun for a long time even a couple of days. Therefore, you should ensure that your skin will not get sunburned and you will be protected under the sun. A stylish sun hat can offer you protection at all times. Here I would like to recommend you several kinds of sun hats that can be worn in the summer and give you protection.

No. 1 Baseball Cap

Summer is a great time for wearing a classic baseball cap. A baseball cap can be worn all the year around. The front of the cap is long enough to protect your face and eyes from the sun and UV radiation. Most people wear a baseball cap for playing golf. It is both casual and sporty styles that everyone can wear it. The back of the cap fits to the wearer’s head size.

No. 2 Straw Hat

A straw hat is often made of lightweight materials, such as natural straw or synthetic straw. The hat is designed to protect the head from the sun and against heat of the sun. It is one of the popular hats in the summer. Due to the hat’s fabric is the straw, it has perfect breathability that allows your head wicking moisture away and lets air pass through the fabric. It is a good summer hat that can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun without turning the top of your head into humid and sweaty. You can wear it to go camping, shopping or playing on the beach.

No. 3 Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is also called fisherman’s hat or fishing hat. This hat is usually made of cotton, canvas, polyester or denim and other materials, while they are all light in weight and some of hats are durable and packable, which means you can pack them into your pocket or luggage without damaging their shape. As the most popular hat in recent years, the bucket hat is favored by many young people. It is not a sun hat that to protect yourselves from the sun but also an accessory that completes your outfits.

No. 4 Panama Hat

A Panama hat is also known as an Ecuadorian hat or a toquilla straw hat. It was invented in the early 20th century. It is light both in color and the fabric. The most important point is that the hat has good breathability that keeps you cool and dry.  Panama hats are very popular as tropical and seaside accessories owing to their ease to wear and breathability.  

How to Take Care of Your Hats?

Some people like to wear many kinds of hats, such as fedoras, straw hats, bucket hats and other hats for four seasons. But do you know how to take care of your hats in a right way? It is no doubt that most of you aren’t aware of taking care of your hats or you don’t care about whether they are in a good condition.

It is best to go to a hat shop, and find a hat that suits you and makes you look good. Choose the best one that would definitely costs more money, but if you take care of your hat carefully, it can last your whole life, and let your money well spent, rather than those who look bad right from the start and is going to break in a few years.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your hat and make it look fresh and clean.

When it comes to store your hats, you may think of hanging them or put them in your wardrobe. You should know that when putting your hats on a flat surface, making sure put it upside down on its crown to keep its original shape. If you hang them on a hat rack or peg, make sure pegs or hooks are large enough to hold your hats. While a peg or a hook is just used to hang your hats in a short time rather than a long period of time, otherwise, the force of gravity pulling on the hats can change their shape. If don’t wear a hat for an extended period of time, then you may store the hat in a hatbox which can keep out the dust and moisture.

If your hat gets dirty, you can use a brush to clean it. You can use a horsehair brush to clean a felt hat. You can also buy brushes that are specially made for cleaning hats. Use a light-colored brush for cleaning light-colored hats and vice versa for dark-colored hats, as the brush color sometimes will transfer to the hat. When you brush your hat, you should be gentle. It will prolong its life.

Some people like to grab the crown of their hat when they take it off. It looks cool. Although your gesture may be gentle, it may damage your hat. All this squeezing can impair the crown’s ability to hold shape or cause irreparable creases. The oils and dirt on your hands will stain your hat too.

Therefore, you can grab the brim and take it off. After washing the hat, let it dry naturally as much as possible. Heat from a hair dryer or heater will deform or shrink the hat. Try to avoid wetting the straw hat as the moisture will cause the straw to swell and distort its shape. Never leave your hat in a hot place. Heat and sunlight can dry out, fade and shrink your hat. If your hat has a sweatband, you’d better turn it down to let it dry out.

Sun Beach Hats for Women

Are you ready to have some fun in the sun? Whether you are planning to rest on the beach, reading on a hot summer day or relaxing in the water for cool, a beach hat is essential for every woman. But in addition to how nice your beach hat looks, there are some important things to consider, namely the size of the brim, the material, whether it can be crushed, and whether you can adjust it.

Brim of hats

The best beach hats have brims of at least 3 inches or wider. Hats with wide brims can give you extra sun protection than normal baseball caps or sun visors that only protect your eyes and parts of your face. They also provide sun protection for your ears and neck – these parts are often overlooked, but you also need to protect them.

Fabric and foldability

Straw hats or hats which made of other natural fibers, including cotton and linen, are ideal summer hats because they are lightweight and have good breathability, and are usually crushable. A packable sun hat that you can throw in your beach bag without worrying about destroying its shape. You should also look for a hat with Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+, which means that the hat’s fabric itself provides extra sun protection to protect you from harmful UV rays.

Adjustment function

A good beach hat should also have an adjustable chin strings, chin straps, and inner drawstrings to keep your hat steady on your head, especially when the wind is blowing. In addition, you can adjust the chin strap to fit your head.

The above are some suggestions for you to choose a beach hat. Of course, there are still some other factors that will affect your choice, such as the style of the hat, the patterns, the colors, and the occasion you plan to use it. These may not be the most important things. I think the most important factor to consider is whether this hat meets your expectations.

Following I would like to give you some recommendations for you to better know how to choose a sun hat.

The bucket hat features with bright color and solid design. The material of the hat is 100% cotton which is very soft and lightweight. Besides, it can be crushable and packable. This crushable bucket hat is perfect for summer traveling, hiking, camping and riding. It can be worn with most of your causal clothes and some of your formal suits. It not only offers a good sun protection but also is stain resistant.

This floppy sun hat is very special, classic and chic for which it is best for you to play on the beach. The hat is made of 100% cotton with knitted lace ribbon around the hat. It also has a sweatband inside helps to keep your head cool. With wide brim can keep both of your neck and head from the harsh sunlight. Also, there is a detachable bowknot around the hat crown that makes the hat look chic.

The stylish straw hat features with clear lines and simple black grosgrain trim for added embellishment. The brim is large and wide enough to protect you from the sun and its harmful UV rays. Moreover, it keeps glare off your eyes.

Bucket Hats for Camping

Do you expect to have a comfortable summer time for camping? Have you prepare your equipment to resist the heat. The easiest way to keep the sun off as well as to keep breathable is to cover your body. Except for sunscreen, sun-proof clothing, and sunglasses, you also need a sun hat. Since you are camping under the hot sun, a sun hat can protect your cheek, neck, ears and even shoulders. When it is rainy, a waterproof hat can block the rain to keep your hair dry.

A good sun hat will accompany you on many activities for many years. It will become a must-have accessory or a companion in other words. Many sun hats are light-colored since light colors can reflect the heat. Just as we like to wear white T-shirt in summer. Indeed, light colors may be good for us while it may get stained and dirty quickly. Among these sun hats, the bucket hat is the best choice for your camping.

Normal hats will make you sweat a lot and the sweat cannot evaporate by itself, so the hat soaks up sweat, then quickly make the hat become wet and stinky. A camping bucket hat features with mesh holes that make it breathable. Meanwhile it can keep your head cool and dry. If you are camping for a long time, you may want your hat to be easily washed and dry quickly. The bucket hat made of nylon or denim is easy to dry. If it is rainy, you can choose to wear a PVC bucket hat, which is made of lightweight materials. It is the best hat for protecting you from the rain and water.

For backpackers, a small and lightweight hat not only alleviates burdens on them, but it is also comfortable for them to wear. Generally speaking, a bucket hat is constructed of cotton or polyester is lighter than the denim hat.

The bucket hat is not only for sun protection, but it also can block some irritating things, like mosquitos and other insects. Some bucket hats have veil net that can shelter your face and neck from biting by the insects. Especially when you are camping or fishing by water, there are many mosquitos or bugs around you. In case you are disturbed by these annoying bugs, you need such a hat to cover your face with breathability and visibility. The anti-bug bucket hat can effectively keep bugs off.

Bucket hats with chin strap or detachable drawstrings can make sure the hat stay secured on your head even in the strong wind. The break-down of chin strap can be adjusted based on your head size, making the hat fit your head. A bucket hat made of soft material is crushable and can be packed and stuffed into your backpack or pocket.

Many bucket hats have mesh panels that allow the air flow through the fabric to make your head cool. The brim of the hat can be rolled up with a certain angle so that to give you better protection. It also can be crushed without damaging the shape of the hat. If you have planned to camping or hiking, you may need a bucket hat for your travel gear.

How to Choose a Good Hiking Hat?

In sunny days, you have planned to do a lot of fun things, such as backpacking, camping, hiking or fishing. While you also need to prepare a lot of accessories for yourself, like sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen and more. A sun hat may save a lot of troubles and protect you from the sun. There are many categories of hats for your summer wear.

If you like simplicity and practicality, while also considering the looks of the hat, you can try the bucket hat. Bucket hats have been favored by many hipsters and celebrities.Since it has appeared in the 1990s, its practicality and durability have gained a good reputation among the Irish farmers and fishermen. Until nowadays, it has developed as an item in fashion world. People not only regard it as a practical sun hat, but it is also a decoration to their overall look. You might tend to look its functions at first, then its degree of comfort and other factors.

Bucket hats are made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, denim, polyester fabric, nylon and so on. The climate and activities may affect your decision on whether it is the right bucket hat or not. In summer, you can choose a bucket hat with breathable and lightweight materials, including cotton, polyester fabric and nylon. The material of the bucket hat also determines whether the hat can be machine washed. Some bucket hats are made from waterproof materials that can protect you from the water or the rain. Bucket hats made of patent leather is perfect for you to wear on rainy days. The bucket hat is made from UPF 50+ materials which can block 99% of harmful UV rays and perfectly protect your skin.

Most bucket hats with a UPF ratings of 30+ or 50+. The higher of the UPF rating, the better sun protection the hat has. This rating system can measure how much UV radiation through the fabrics. Bucket hats with ventilation sides will reduce a UPF rating, because part of sunlight can break through the mesh holes. Besides, if you choose a bucket hat that cannot wholly cover your neck and shoulders, you should wear adequate sunscreen.

A good sun hat can help you keep cool in hot weather. But if it doesn’t breathe very well, the hat can make you feel hotter instead. A bucket hat is constructed of breathable nylon or cotton fabric that would not overheat you.

Most of us will choose a hat that is comfortable for wearing. If the construction of the hat is too heavy and solid, we will feel uncomfortable that may we may take it off in a short time. You should think about the activities you will do when you are wearing a bucket hat. A majority of bucket hats have brim with moderate size. If you are fishing, you can choose a hat with wider and larger brim, which can protect you from the sun in all directions. And the fishing sport spending a long time, you are exposed in the hot sun, so a wide-brimmed bucket hat is the best choice as it offers you a good protection. If you go hiking, you need a hat that has good breathability, and it is lightweight, making you comfortable.

Summer Protecting Accessories

As the weather getting hotter and the temperature rising day by day, I’m sure that you may start to make a plan about your summer outdoor adventures. It is the best time for you to go hiking. While you may also be worried about what accessories can protect you from the sun and the rain. A sun hat can not only protect your head from getting wet but also can be used along with the sunscreen to block the harmful sun’s rays.

You may think as long as you apply the thick sunscreen, your skin will perfectly protected and it will not get sunburnt. But not everyone does a good job of applying sunscreen, since the sunscreen need to be used for many times a day. It is suggested to apply the sunscreen every two hours on a day. Therefore, a sun hat is a great way to make sure that you have a better degree of sun protection. With so many varieties of sun hats on the market, which might confuse you which sun hat can satisfy your needs and your preferences.

Following are a few tips for you to find the best sun hat for you to go hiking.

When choosing the hiking hat, you should know that not all hats can offer you a good protection from the sun and the rain. Their functions may be different and unequal. Some hats may be perfect for hiking, while some may be better for fishing or camping. So I will analyze different elements that you want to know when you choose the best hiking hat.

Width and Length of the Brim

It is recommended you to wear a wide-brimmed hat that can give your all-around protection from the sun. A bucket hat has large and wide brim which can protect your nose, chin, cheeks and ears. Bucket hats for men is wide enough to cover your head and neck without blocking your vision when you spend a long time in outdoors activities. But you may not choose a bucket hat with too floppy or wide brim that will interfere with your vision. If the color of the inside brim is dark, it can lessen the glare from the shine.

Shape of the Brim

Some sun hats’ brim may sit close to your face that can offer a better sun protection to you. Bucket hats mostly slope down at an angle that it won’t block your vision. Some bucket hats with the brim that can be rolled up. The shape of the brim is needed to consider when choosing the best hat for you to hiking, fishing and camping.

Color of the Hat

It is suggested to choose a solid-colored hat, especially white. A white colored hat can reflect heat from the sun, meanwhile, a darker color underneath can absorb UV rays to protect your eyes and face. Besides, beige or khaki colored bucket hat is better than lighter colors in keeping clean. Moreover, you should take the environments into consideration for wearing the hat. If you wear a hat in the hot weather, a light-colored hat is perfect. When wearing the hat in snowy or rainy days, with dark-colored brim underneath is much better.