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How to Take Care of Your Hats?

Some people like to wear many kinds of hats, such as fedoras, straw hats, bucket hats and other hats for four seasons. But do you know how to take care of your hats in a right way? It is no doubt that most of you aren’t aware of taking care of your hats or you don’t care about whether they are in a good condition.

It is best to go to a hat shop, and find a hat that suits you and makes you look good. Choose the best one that would definitely costs more money, but if you take care of your hat carefully, it can last your whole life, and let your money well spent, rather than those who look bad right from the start and is going to break in a few years.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your hat and make it look fresh and clean.

When it comes to store your hats, you may think of hanging them or put them in your wardrobe. You should know that when putting your hats on a flat surface, making sure put it upside down on its crown to keep its original shape. If you hang them on a hat rack or peg, make sure pegs or hooks are large enough to hold your hats. While a peg or a hook is just used to hang your hats in a short time rather than a long period of time, otherwise, the force of gravity pulling on the hats can change their shape. If don’t wear a hat for an extended period of time, then you may store the hat in a hatbox which can keep out the dust and moisture.

If your hat gets dirty, you can use a brush to clean it. You can use a horsehair brush to clean a felt hat. You can also buy brushes that are specially made for cleaning hats. Use a light-colored brush for cleaning light-colored hats and vice versa for dark-colored hats, as the brush color sometimes will transfer to the hat. When you brush your hat, you should be gentle. It will prolong its life.

Some people like to grab the crown of their hat when they take it off. It looks cool. Although your gesture may be gentle, it may damage your hat. All this squeezing can impair the crown’s ability to hold shape or cause irreparable creases. The oils and dirt on your hands will stain your hat too.

Therefore, you can grab the brim and take it off. After washing the hat, let it dry naturally as much as possible. Heat from a hair dryer or heater will deform or shrink the hat. Try to avoid wetting the straw hat as the moisture will cause the straw to swell and distort its shape. Never leave your hat in a hot place. Heat and sunlight can dry out, fade and shrink your hat. If your hat has a sweatband, you’d better turn it down to let it dry out.