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How to Choose a Good Hiking Hat?

In sunny days, you have planned to do a lot of fun things, such as backpacking, camping, hiking or fishing. While you also need to prepare a lot of accessories for yourself, like sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen and more. A sun hat may save a lot of troubles and protect you from the sun. There are many categories of hats for your summer wear.

If you like simplicity and practicality, while also considering the looks of the hat, you can try the bucket hat. Bucket hats have been favored by many hipsters and celebrities.Since it has appeared in the 1990s, its practicality and durability have gained a good reputation among the Irish farmers and fishermen. Until nowadays, it has developed as an item in fashion world. People not only regard it as a practical sun hat, but it is also a decoration to their overall look. You might tend to look its functions at first, then its degree of comfort and other factors.

Bucket hats are made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, denim, polyester fabric, nylon and so on. The climate and activities may affect your decision on whether it is the right bucket hat or not. In summer, you can choose a bucket hat with breathable and lightweight materials, including cotton, polyester fabric and nylon. The material of the bucket hat also determines whether the hat can be machine washed. Some bucket hats are made from waterproof materials that can protect you from the water or the rain. Bucket hats made of patent leather is perfect for you to wear on rainy days. The bucket hat is made from UPF 50+ materials which can block 99% of harmful UV rays and perfectly protect your skin.

Most bucket hats with a UPF ratings of 30+ or 50+. The higher of the UPF rating, the better sun protection the hat has. This rating system can measure how much UV radiation through the fabrics. Bucket hats with ventilation sides will reduce a UPF rating, because part of sunlight can break through the mesh holes. Besides, if you choose a bucket hat that cannot wholly cover your neck and shoulders, you should wear adequate sunscreen.

A good sun hat can help you keep cool in hot weather. But if it doesn’t breathe very well, the hat can make you feel hotter instead. A bucket hat is constructed of breathable nylon or cotton fabric that would not overheat you.

Most of us will choose a hat that is comfortable for wearing. If the construction of the hat is too heavy and solid, we will feel uncomfortable that may we may take it off in a short time. You should think about the activities you will do when you are wearing a bucket hat. A majority of bucket hats have brim with moderate size. If you are fishing, you can choose a hat with wider and larger brim, which can protect you from the sun in all directions. And the fishing sport spending a long time, you are exposed in the hot sun, so a wide-brimmed bucket hat is the best choice as it offers you a good protection. If you go hiking, you need a hat that has good breathability, and it is lightweight, making you comfortable.