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Summer Protecting Accessories

As the weather getting hotter and the temperature rising day by day, I’m sure that you may start to make a plan about your summer outdoor adventures. It is the best time for you to go hiking. While you may also be worried about what accessories can protect you from the sun and the rain. A sun hat can not only protect your head from getting wet but also can be used along with the sunscreen to block the harmful sun’s rays.

You may think as long as you apply the thick sunscreen, your skin will perfectly protected and it will not get sunburnt. But not everyone does a good job of applying sunscreen, since the sunscreen need to be used for many times a day. It is suggested to apply the sunscreen every two hours on a day. Therefore, a sun hat is a great way to make sure that you have a better degree of sun protection. With so many varieties of sun hats on the market, which might confuse you which sun hat can satisfy your needs and your preferences.

Following are a few tips for you to find the best sun hat for you to go hiking.

When choosing the hiking hat, you should know that not all hats can offer you a good protection from the sun and the rain. Their functions may be different and unequal. Some hats may be perfect for hiking, while some may be better for fishing or camping. So I will analyze different elements that you want to know when you choose the best hiking hat.

Width and Length of the Brim

It is recommended you to wear a wide-brimmed hat that can give your all-around protection from the sun. A bucket hat has large and wide brim which can protect your nose, chin, cheeks and ears. Bucket hats for men is wide enough to cover your head and neck without blocking your vision when you spend a long time in outdoors activities. But you may not choose a bucket hat with too floppy or wide brim that will interfere with your vision. If the color of the inside brim is dark, it can lessen the glare from the shine.

Shape of the Brim

Some sun hats’ brim may sit close to your face that can offer a better sun protection to you. Bucket hats mostly slope down at an angle that it won’t block your vision. Some bucket hats with the brim that can be rolled up. The shape of the brim is needed to consider when choosing the best hat for you to hiking, fishing and camping.

Color of the Hat

It is suggested to choose a solid-colored hat, especially white. A white colored hat can reflect heat from the sun, meanwhile, a darker color underneath can absorb UV rays to protect your eyes and face. Besides, beige or khaki colored bucket hat is better than lighter colors in keeping clean. Moreover, you should take the environments into consideration for wearing the hat. If you wear a hat in the hot weather, a light-colored hat is perfect. When wearing the hat in snowy or rainy days, with dark-colored brim underneath is much better.